Founding members

A-A-A-S consists of a core group of 8 artists spread across the Scandinavian Southern Arctic:

Dragos Alexandrescu (FI) - website
Linnéa Therese Dimitriou (SWE) -
Heidi-Anett Haugen (NO) - cargocollective
Hanna Kanto (FI) -
Lotta Lampa (SWE) -
Patricia Rodas (FI) -
Anastasia Savinova (SWE) -
Madelaine Sillfors (SWE)

Since 2020 we have been spinning threads between the local art worlds of the north, engaging in dialogues around both artistic and professional aspects of art practice. The project has solidified networks across borders and led to friendships that enrich not only the participating artists but the communities in which they are part.

From 2024 we will be disseminating results from the project through exhibitions, events, printed and online materials- presenting art from the southern Arctic within the larger art world. As part of this new stage of the project we are currently collaborating with curator Vasia Rigou on the exhibition Lay of(f) the Land- Nordic Narratives, that will open at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago in April 2024. 

Main project sponsor: Nordic Culture Fund